Focus on delivering the “Outcome”

At OCM our investment philosophy is called Outcome Based Investing (OBI) that uses dynamic, cyclically adjusted, portfolio asset management, to focus on delivering the “Outcome” for the client, and at the same time trying to keeping the volatility low. Our focus is to deliver a client’s long term financial goals, by being a Nimble & Proactive Asset Management Team, that focuses on what the client is trying to achieve, rather than beating the markets.

Although similar to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), the Outcome Based Investing (OBI) theory is different and challenges the long established assumption that forms the foundation of MPT expressed as – “you cannot make strategically timed asset allocation decisions and that all investors are better off investing and staying invested in a fixed portfolio of assets, which are rebalanced at fixed points, back to the original weightings”.

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Strategic Asset Allocation Decisions

We focus on the macroeconomic environment

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At OCM we have a fundamental view that you can make strategic asset allocation decisions, both in the medium and short term, by cyclically adjusting the asset allocation model, not necessarily timing the markets. We focus on the macroeconomic environment and have a clear and concise understanding of how assets and fund managers have historically performed in similar periods in history.

By action not inaction we aim to lock in the returns achieved, potentially miss out the losses associated with a recessionary and slowdown phase. This action gives us the opportunity to reallocate to risky assets as you move through the recovery and expansion phase of the economic cycle. Therefore, at that extreme we believe that all clients should be in cash or in assets that are at that point not correlated to equity market volatility. This is not market timing as that is something traders try to do, this is in our opinion, cyclically adjusting the portfolio to deliver the “client’s outcome” and institutionalises the behavior to sell high and buy low.

Please note the value of investments may fluctuate in price or value and you might get back less than the amount originally invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance