Charities & Trusts

Your Trust Our Duty

We will work in partnership with you as a charity or not for profit organisation to achieve your desired investment outcomes through our Financial Planning and Discretionary Asset Management service. We do this by carrying out a strategic analysis of your objectives and providing a tailor-made investment strategy for your portfolio of assets.

We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional and personalised service.

In line with current legislation, Trustees must deliver an agreed outcome in line with objective based principles. We will work with you to meet this mandate, by not simply trying to beat the market but to ensure your investments are in line with those objectives and appropriate for your timescales and resources.

Before we start, we will come to a clear understanding about your charity or trust and what you are hoping to achieve by investing. Our approach is to design a strategy and then match that strategy to the investment approach to ensure it is in line with the regulations and your aims as a trustee.

We focus on delivering long-term benefits and so will look at projected cash flows to understand what return you require each year over five to ten years and tailor our investment decisions accordingly. We are fully independent and will build a diversified portfolio with different fund managers in line with your investment criteria.

Our Pride

Highly professional and personalised service