Private Clients

You dream, we deliver

Every client who chooses OCM as a life partner, entrusts us to work with them initially; to define whether their dreams of one day being financially independent are achievable. Once we have defined their vision and strategised with a bespoke plan detailing how it will become a reality, we then deliver it with a clear and simple investment strategy.

We currently manage directly the wealth for over 250 Private Clients families and trusts and a further 370 clients through other intermediaries with reported assets totaling circa £400m of which over £310m is actively managed. The way we like to work is to get involved as you progress through life, no matter what stage you’re at. You may be looking for investment advice, help with pension planning, guidance on complex tax products or simply insurance to protect your loved ones.

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We’re experienced in all areas of wealth management

Whatever your aims, we’ll help you to achieve them through our innovative approach to investment management including tax advice, financial planning and cash-flow analysis. We don’t believe in recommending particular financial products in isolation. Instead, we’ll take a holistic approach and look at your overall needs. Once they’re defined, we’ll work with you to develop a coherent long term strategy and give you a clear plan for your financial future.