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Finding an investment solution that fits seamlessly into the continuous circle of advice for clients, is hard work and we speak from experience. As a result of being let down when volatility rises and significant events happen by fund managers time and again we have developed our own Outcome focussed and Risk managed fund management service that can be insourced into other financial advisers.

Our strategy, known as Outcome Based Investing (OBI) aims top provide solid returns across all client portfolios by focussing on getting the balance between delivering outcomes and managing risk. We created the theory over 15 years ago and have had many years and numerous significant events to prove the theory works. Our established track record is based on constructing investment portfolios and cyclically adjusting them by blending different investments over an economic cycle, in order to reduce risk and maximise returns, and using cash as a hedge against risk, when we feel the economic environment makes delivering the outcomes hard to achieve. By trying to protect against significant downturns this reduces the shocks that clients experience and creates the opportunity to take risk when we feel it will again be rewarded.

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Outcome Based Investing

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Outcome Based Investment

By using OBI as the final piece of your jigsaw, we can help you meet your client and regulatory obligations to ensure the ongoing suitability of a client’s underlying asset allocation in terms of risk, capacity for loss, the outcome required and the long term performance objectives. We look at the entire spectrum of funds and research the whole of market. You can be assured of a highly personalised service, a rigorous process, and well researched asset allocation, all designed to deliver strong risk adjusted returns and backed up by action should something unexpected happen.

We believe that OBI is a perfectly aligned Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP), underpinned by a Quantamental Analysis of the ‘investment universe’, that will help you best meet your clients’ needs and at the same time satisfy your regulatory obligations. We have no minimums or maximums and have a simple and competitive charging structure.

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