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As part of delivering our Boutique Wealth Management proposition, tax planning and accounting services for wealthy individual is at the core of what we do. Despite Accounting and Taxation services always being part of what OCM do for their clients, in 2018 OCM Accounting Services was incorporated as a separate legal entity to provide a full suite of accounting services to both the existing and new clients. The plan is for OCM to build on its brand and continue to grow an experienced team of experts that are accounting specialists that are focussed on delivering a range of services tailored for each client, whether they are wealth clients or not. The key focus being to ensure that all of our clients have all the advice and support they require, when they need it most.

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Budget Autumn 2018

Managing Wealth is as much about the minimising the losses to tax as it is about managing the development of a strategy and the investments.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate accounting or any services associated with it.