About Us

As a firm, we have been trading since 2004 and are financially very strong and one of only 500 Chartered Independent Financial Planning firms in the UK. This accreditation, coupled with the fact that we are also a nationally recognised leading Independent Discretionary Asset Manager; make us one of the fastest growing Independent Wealth Management firms in the UK.

The single factor that brings all our clients together, is a desire to receive a professional client focused service using Outcome Based Investing (OBI) as the core focus of how the professional service is delivered. Using OBI not only defines what annualised return a client needs to achieve, but works proactively using assets in multiple currencies from all over the world to deliver that outcome and more, if market conditions are favourable. For more information on OBI which is unique to OCM and has been created as a modern investment strategy by the founder Jason Stather-Lodge, please refer to the Wealth Management or Asset Management brochures.

Our Skills

We pride ourselves on six core principles:-

  1. Our customer service
  2. Our Independence
  3. Our strategy development to define the client journey
  4. The performance of our investment strategies
  5. The competitiveness of our charges
  6. Our transparency

We feel that these principles are what clients deserve, having worked so hard to create their wealth. If you agree with us, give us a call today to discuss how OCM can work in partnership with you, to deliver the professional service you and your clients deserve.

Jason Stather-Lodge

CEO / CIO & Founder – OCM