Why OCM Wealth Management

As a leading multi disciplined Chartered Financial Planning practice, we pride ourselves in our ability to work in partnership with our clients and by listening, we understand your objectives.  That deep understanding, and our unique way of illustrating your objectives, combined with an innovative and client focused investment process, truly puts you at the centre of everyting we do.

Every client who chooses OCM as a Partner entrusts us to manage their or their clients’ financial future with care and diligence and that is at the heart of what we do, whether they are a wealth management client, a charity, a trustee or another professional firm appointing us to manage their cleints’ assets and financial future.

As we are a multi disciplined practice we invite you to understand more about the individual solutions we offer, as detailed below, by exploring the website further.  We would though draw your attention to the following areas of the website:

  1. OCM Wealth Management – Focused on delivering financial planning and asset management as a combined solution for private clients, corporate entities and company directors.
  2. OCM Asset Management – A standalone DFM service for third party IFA’s and FA’s as a Centralised Investment Proposition.
  3. Solicitors and Accountants – A Professional Partnership solution that can be as simple as a referral programme or as complex as individually branded Joint Ventures.
  4. Charities and Trusts - Focused on delivering cash flow modelling, financial planning and asset managment as a combined solution to Trusts and Charities up to £20m in size.

Everything we have created and strive every day to improve is because “Our Clients Matter”.

Jason Stather-Lodge   CEO / CIO & Founder – OCM