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By July 27, 2020 No Comments

Another week down and another week closer to normality. After a few days off last week, it was nice to come back to training refreshed.  As games get closer, the intensity of training has gone up. We have started moving into more contact based sessions in order to get our bodies ready for the demanding run of games coming up. It is amazing how quickly your body adapts to the brutal hits it takes throughout the week.


It is important we continue to build as a team over the coming weeks in order to be in the best shape possible for the first run of games. For me personally, lockdown has enabled me to work on myself away from the rugby pitch in order to improve my overall game. The biggest work on given to me by our strength and conditioning coaches at the club was to put some weight on. Mainly to improve my speed, power and strength. I spent 8-12 hard weeks trying to pile on as much weight as possible, and I probably went a tad too far. 17kg later at my heaviest, a massive weight gain and didn’t I realise it when we started back training. The Worcester game before lock down, I weighed in at 82kg and returning from lock down I was 99.4kg. Now, I thought this was great, I had done all the sessions given to us by our strength and conditioning coaches and I felt I was in a great position going back to the club. Until I turned up on day one to start fitness with all the other backs, who quickly brought me back down  to earth and made me feel like a tight head prop for a few weeks. Not saying there is anything bad about being a tight head prop. But when you have a load of speedy and light backs, I looked a tad out of place. Now, 6-7 weeks later, I’ve brought my weight down a tiny bit and I’m feeling good. Fitness, strength and speed is good and I’m excited to get back to playing.


It’s been a very eventful week for me to say the least away from rugby. From my girlfriend going in to have an operation, to my dog being in the vets and finally to top it off a tornado causally ripping some of the tiles off my roof and water leaking through into my bedroom. But other than that, I feel I’ve had a productive week at training and I’m looking forward to getting another week closer to some rugby!



Hope everyone is well and safe.