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Return to normality



Having now been back at training for 3 weeks, it is exciting that we have been able to slowly move into stage 2 of returning to competition.

Each week starts with screening in the car park where the medics take every player’s temperature. After this we walk through the village and car park, into one of the academy changing rooms where all the COVID testing takes place.

Now, when I say this is probably the worst part of the week, I mean it. Having a cotton bud that is around ⅘ inches long inserted up your nose for 5 or so seconds, isn’t the nicest. Although seeing every player in the squad walk out the medics room crying is a funny sight.

Once we have completed our test it’s upstairs for a gym session followed by a social distanced session outside, we still have to follow the guidelines on Monday until all test results have come back the following day. On Tuesday morning if everyone is negative and COVID free, we can progress with stage 2 of return to competition.

It’s been tough on the body getting used to contact again. Especially when you’ve got a group of players who are chomping at the bit to get back playing, there is no love lost in the contact sessions.

We are 4 weeks out from matches now, with a lot of rugby to play. We have been given 4 days to relax before joining back up on Monday for another week of intense team training.

I think as a team we’re looking good. All the new boys are slowly getting to grips with our shape and phase play, hopefully after 4 more weeks of working hard we will have everyone ready for game day.

It’s exciting at the moment when I look around the lads in the changing room, as there is such a strong connection between boys, due to most of us growing up In the academy together. The number of quality players coming through the system is exciting and it’s a credit to the academy coaches who have done such a good job as well as senior coaches giving the opportunity for players to impress.


Looking forward to the coming weeks and keeping everyone up to date with our progression back to playing, hope everyone is well.