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By June 29, 2020 No Comments

Back to Training


12 weeks away from rugby has been extremely different from anything I am used to. Going from having a strict schedule throughout a training day to nothing at all has been tough. For me, I tried to fill my lockdown with as much as possible. I knew I had time to work on myself and tried to use the time I had effectively. I started a course doing a PGCERT in leadership with Futuresmart. It has been great for giving me a purpose while away from the game. It is all about self development and recognising the skills you have. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will use it as a stepping stone when I start my Masters in Construction Management in September.


Having been back at training now for 2 weeks, it’s crazy how quickly time goes by. It feels like yesterday I was sitting at home in lockdown wondering if we were ever going to be able to finish the season off.

It’s been a tough few weeks, in 30 degree heat, with a lot of running and weight. Although it’s been good to blow off the cobwebs and get stuck in.


It’s a very weird dynamic at the moment, due to training in small groups, I haven’t been able to see many of the lads at the club due to our sessions being at different times. So you can imagine it’s been quiet. There are 7 lads in my group and everyone is looking sharp and in great shape. A few questionable haircuts though, mine probably being one. We are halfway through individual training now and it is exciting to think that in 2 or so weeks we could be linking back up with the whole squad. Obviously we have got to be prepared that could be pushed back but I am optimistic we will be back soon.


The 15th of August seems a long time away but before we know it, it will be upon us. So for rugby players it is important to put in the hard work now as there are a lot of games still left to play and not much time to complete them in, it is key our bodies are able to take the workload. This hard work will hopefully put us in the best shape possible leading into the final crucial games of the season.


Once again, I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the weather last week.