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The final

It’s the day of the final and the town of Beziers was filling up nicely. There was a buzz that there hadn’t been for the previous games, an air of anticipation. Why wouldn’t there be, the French were playing the English in the u20 World Cup final. A massive day for the nation of France. An estimated 3 million people tuning in to see what was destined to be a great match.

The game started slowly. A penalty here, a penalty there and before you knew it 36 minutes had gone and France had edged the lead. With the last play of the half we score in the corner, a slightly dubious pass meant the French crowd were going nuts. Booing, whistling you name it. But the ref did not budge and the try was awarded. A slight momentum shift before half time. We came out for the second half and straight away France scored a penalty to stretch the lead to 8 points. Then another and another, before we knew it we were 15 points behind and struggling for answers. With 15 minutes to go I got my chance and on I came. We score two tries but France pinched one themselves and we ended up losing by 8 points. I would have loved to have played longer but it wasn’t to be. What an experience the World Cup final was! A packed house in Beziers doesn’t get much bigger for a 20 year old and I’ll take the experience with me forever.

Following the World Cup I spent 3 nights in Prague with some of the England boys which was good fun! Then I spent 4 nights in sunny Devon with some friends. The weather was beautiful and the trip couldn’t have gone any better. Now after a short three weeks off I’m back into training preparing for next season! No rest for the wicked. I hope everyone has a lovely summer.

Thank you for the continued support!