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A round up of Pre Season

As you could imagine pre season is the time of year all rugby players dread. You’ve had some time off to go on holiday, drink lots, eat lots and generally give your body a rest after a very long season. The thing you forget is that you have to come back into work and do the most gruelling strength and fitness regime you could imagine. Two sometimes three sessions a day; running, biking, weights, rugby conditioning, you name it and we are more than likely doing it. For someone like me the running and fitness side isn’t to bad, I am fairly light and running isn’t to much of an issue. I actually quite enjoy that bit. But as you probably guessed, for someone like Ehren Painter, or Jamal Ford-Robinson, the long distance running isn’t their favourite part of being a professional rugby player. On the other hand, those bigger lads absolutely smash the strength and power side of pre season. Setting new records in the gym is something the bigger lads do regularly, someone like Alex Moon seems to have super human strength, something unfortunatley I am not so blessed with.

As the fitness and strength moves forward we begin pre season games. We head on the road to sunny Swansea and spend a week there. Plenty of training and team building is going on, but now the best bit about being a rugby player kicks back in. Games start. We open our encounter against the Ospreys, a welsh side who we played twice last season and lost both times to. It is raining side ways, the wind coming in off the sea, just like the last two months we have spent training in 30 degree heat. It always seams to be the case, train in perfect weather and then the moment you play a game it rains and is windy! We end up beating the ospreys relatively comfortably 26-13. Not a bad start considering the terrible weather. Later that week we played against Newport Gwent Dragons. The conditions were slightly different, not as wet, not as windy and the pitch was immaculate! We struggled a little in the first half going into the break with a small lead, but the second half proved to be slightly easier as we stepped on the gas and scored 5 second half tries. Running out comfortable winners. All in all it was a good week in Wales with lots of lessons learned for the coming season.

We round off our pre season games with a home game against Glasgow, and then the season kicks off for real. We are all immensely excited for the coming season and feel well prepared! Thank you for all your continued support.