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By August 3, 2020 No Comments

The temperature is rising 


As the return to normality in the rugby world draws closer, or as close as possible. The temperature is rising also. 35 degrees to be precise on Friday afternoon. 30 full grown men run around, smashing each other and trying not to pass out. Individual ice towels are passed round and a 50 ltr bucket of Gatorade is consumed to try and quench the thirst. This is what the new normal looks like in the rugby world for the foreseeable future. 

What do I think about summer rugby? Personally I think it will be good for the style of game we want to play at the saints. With a young exciting back line who want to move the ball and score tries, why wouldn’t warm dry weather be a good thing? The pros are that it will be easier to play quickly, you can feel your fingers and more often than not it will be dry. The negatives are that the ground gets very hard, and clubs will have to make a conscious effort to water the pitches and keep them from being like concrete. Harder pitches usually mean more injuries so there will need to be more effort for recovery and injury prevention. 

For me personally and the way I like to play, I think this block of summer rugby will be a good thing. It should enhance my running game and I hope that with practice I can bring a more attacking mind set to my own game. If I can couple that with an attacking kicking game and good game management it will help me and in turn help the team. Rugby is definitely on its way back, and I can’t wait.

Thank you all for your support