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By July 20, 2020 No Comments

First block done

If you’ve been reading the last few weeks of blogs that Tom Collins has written, you will be well up to date with what we have been doing at Northampton Saints during the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you haven’t, then here is a little round up. Our weeks have consisted of 4 days training with a day off on Wednesday. Training has been mainly weights and field conditioning (running, tackling pads and doing down and ups). We turn up at the club, have a temperature check, fill in a wellness questionnaire to make sure we aren’t feeling under the weather or have any symptoms then crack on. Usually we are in and out in around 2 hours, and it is all very efficient.


The last week has changed slightly with the introduction of covid testing on Monday mornings. This, as the same for Tom, is the worst part of my week. The swab never failing to make me gag when stuck down my throat and then shoved straight up my nose, which then proceeds to make me cry. Sunday evenings are filled with dread. However it is awesome to be back out there with the lads, chucking the ball around and actually being allowed to play the game we all love and have missed so much. Sam Vesty and the rest of the coaching staff are racking their brains trying to think of innovative ways to keep as little contact time as possible while still trying to keep the detailed rugby content of days gone by. Fair play to them, they are keeping it fresh and we are all enjoying the new Covid style sessions.


5 weeks of solid hard work has meant Boydy (Chris Boyd) has allowed us all to have a few days off to clear our heads from rugby, refresh and come back fizzing. Personally I took the time to get down to sunny Cornwall for five days with my girlfriend Jess. Luckily the weather was perfect to us and we had 3 days of beautiful sunshine that allowed us to enjoy the beach and try our hand at surfing and body boarding. I can confirm I am no good at either, Jess on the other hand was quite the natural. I would never tell her, unless she reads this blog. We managed to go out for dinner a couple of times and have some of the delightful local sea food, coupled with a nice glass of sauvignon and a pint of Cornish larger. Lovely. The time away has definitely got my juices flowing to get back in and hit the ground running before our first game on the 14th of august, which is creeping up fast. I am sure all the boys are excited for the next few weeks and we will keep you updated with our movements in blogs to come.


Thanks for all your support, stay safe and see you at the gardens soon.