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Game 4 – London Irish

On the road.

The mood in and around the camp leading up to the London Irish game was that of real positivity. There was a buzz around the place. Winning 2 out of our last 2 games meant that we had a little bit of momentum building. We were however under no illusions that London Irish, away from home would be no push over.

Going into the week we had a learning day on Monday similar to that of last week. These days are put in place so that lads can recover physically, whilst also starting to prepare mentally for what is coming the following week. To give you an idea of how the day is split up; in the morning we will go to the gym and do a recovery session in the pool. We will then come to the club, have breakfast and debrief the previous weekend (bath). Moving on from that if you were a sub or didn’t play, you will have a gym session followed by lunch in the infamous crooked hooker. Following lunch we will have a preview meeting looking at next weeks team (London Irish). After a 30/40 minute meeting we head out onto the pitch and walk through some exits, kick offs and attacking shape. As a whole, the day is relatively lo-key and allows the boys to get their recovery done.

Saturday came around quickly and before you know it the games finished and you’re already thinking about the next one. 2 quick tries in the first 10 minutes set the tone for the day. Rob Horne causing havoc in the midfield and David Ribbans running around like a mad man again made the day another good one for the saints. 5 points away from home and it was job well done. From a personal point, playing 15 minutes meant that I got a little more game time which is positive. Making 12 tackles meant we defended for the whole time!

What is life like around the club for a 19 year old? As you might guess the old school ways of cleaning boots and holding tackle bags all session have started to change. With more and more young players in the league starting to break through at an early age its clear to see the academy system works. Don’t get me wrong, the hierarchy is still there. The senior players want respect from the young bucks and if that’s not given a swift clip round the ear won’t be far away. A hot tub cleaning rota has been drawn up so we have to do that once a month. Slightly nicer than cleaning boots. When I’m not cleaning hot tubs or training, my studies with OCM wealth Management are coming along nicely. Doing 1 day a week at the firm will hopefully put me in good stead for life after rugby by adding some strings to my bow! I’m very grateful for Jason (CEO) help and guidance and I’m very lucky that my sponsors want to invest so much time in me.