Strategic Portfolios

The model portfolios are not the starting point; all clients will have Bespoke Portfolios built for them if they have strong views on certain assets and sectors of the international market. Generally though, most clients can be categorised as looking for an annualised return “outcome” that will vary from between 5% and 10% per annum net of fees and charges and this is one of our focuses.

A secondary focus is that we look to reduce volatility by actively managing the asset allocation by being nimble, in order to institutionalise the sell high and buy low behaviour.

The final focus of all portfolios is that we are prepared to sit in cash when the markets become excessively volatile or are overheating, ideally when the risk free return rate is higher than it is today.

At OCM we have four main portfolios that have different objectives as detailed below:-

  1. Cautious Dynamic Targeting a return of 5% per annum with low volatility;
  2. Cautious Balanced Dynamic – Targeting a return of 6.5% per annum with moderately low volatility;
  3. Balanced Dynamic Targeting a return of 8% per annum with moderate volatility;
  4. Balanced Aggressive Dynamic – Targeting a return of 10% per annum with moderately high volatility

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our asset management strategy then please contact us immediately and speak to one of our highly qualified Investment Managers.