DFM Service

Advisers today are obliged to ensure the initial and continuing suitability of a client’s underlying asset allocation within any financial solutions recommended in terms of risk, capacity for loss, outcome required and long term performance objectives.

We believe that OCM’s Outcome Based Investment Strategy (OBI), underpinned by a Quantamental Analysis of the investment universe, is a perfectly aligned Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) that firms can adopt to help an adviser achieve this objective. The CIP works in partnership with the firm’s TCF and supports modern financial planning, that uses cash flow modelling to assesses the required investment return outcomes for each client.

A clearly defined CIP that focuses on delivering the agreed client annual return target with a secondary indicative aim to protect portfolios against significant event risk should meet the needs of the majority of your clients, giving each and every one of them exactly what they need, while at the same time making your life as a professional adviser easier.  We do this by linking the outcome that is determined when developing the Client’s long term financial plan with an Investment Strategy which has the deliverance of that outcome at the very centre of the proposition. OBI looks at delivering client outcomes as its first priority and then puts capital preservation as its second.

At OCM Asset Management, we specialise in working with advisers to build an investment proposition that can meet all of their requirements, and help them to develop a successful business. By adopting the OCM Asset Management CIP proposition, which consists of solutions customised to individual and firm needs, you can both strengthen and de-risk your business.

We have no minimums and no maximums and have a simple and competitive charging structure.  We offer the service across a range of account types and wrappers including General Investment Accounts, ISAs, SIPPs and Onshore and Offshore Bonds.

As part of the DFM Service we provide you with presentations and brochures that are tailored for the needs of both your staff and your clients. We also provide weekly and monthly market commentaries and monthly factsheets on each model portfolio. We will fully engage with your DFM due diligence process or can help you to create one if you have not already done so. By working with us you will see how we can standardise your CIP and de-risk the business over time, and by adopting our CIP you too will benefit from the scalable solutions we have benefitted from for years.

For further information on our Discretionary Fund Management proposition and our underpinning investment strategy please refer to the links on the right.