Annual Management Charge (AMC)

OCM Annual Management Charge                          0.40% excluding VAT 

The OCM Model Portfolio Service (MPS) is only available to our own clients or via Intermediaries and IFA’s

OCM Asset Management will levy a commission of 0.15% on purchases only and does not charge commission on any other trades required to manage the portfolios. However under certain circumstances OCM is charged fees by fund managers, or providers of the assets we acquire on behalf of the MPS clients.

Total Expense Ratio

OCM Total Expense Ratio                                     1.4% including VAT (0.5%+0.6%+0.25%+0.0375%)

The Total Expense Ratio (TER) is expressed as a percentage of the total funds under management, is calculated by adding the IFA negotiated AMC charge (0.4%) to the weighted clean share class / institutional manager charges (0.6%) and our custodians charge (0.25%). As we expect stock turnover to be 25% per annum we have also assumed that the 0.15% commission adds a further 0.0375% to the TER.

The TER will change dependant on the underlying asset allocation and whether we use active or passive strategies as well as the stock turnover ratio, and we therefore try not to overtrade and the outcomes are all detailed after charges.