Professional Intermediaries

As a fellow professional we appreciate your commitment to serving the needs of your clients.

  • We work with Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) to offer discretionary investment management to their clients for both model portfolio and bespoke portfolio services.
  • We work with Accountants and Solicitors providing mutual introductions and services in support of probate valuation and Court of Protection client needs.

OCM Asset Management is an integral part of OCM Wealth Management Limited and develops and executes the investment strategy for all clients of OCM. This includes both the firm’s own private clients and the clients of IFAs for whom we manage the assets as the Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM). Within OCM this is an integral part of the Wealth Management proposition that all our clients are used to.  Based on our investment success this was extended in January 2014 to other IFAs and launched as a full DFM service.

At OCM Asset Management we provide our IFA Customers and their underlying clients with a personalised service that is backed up by strong process and well researched asset allocation, designed to deliver strong, risk adjusted returns underpinned by action when something unexpected happens.

Advisers today are obliged to ensure the initial and continuing suitability of a client’s underlying asset allocation within any financial solutions recommended in terms of risk, capacity for loss, outcome required and long term performance objectives.

We believe that OCM’s Outcome Based Investment Strategy (OBI) is a perfectly aligned Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) that firms can adopt to help an adviser achieve this objective. The CIP works in partnership with the firm’s TCF and supports the modern strategic financial planning concept, that assesses the required investment return outcome for a client using cash flow modelling.  We take this outcome and use it to drive the investment strategy. OBI looks at delivering client outcomes as its first priority with capital preservation as a close second.  Although a new service to IFAs, Jason created OBI over 15 years ago and he has worked with his team to use and develop it ever since.  They are currently managing circa £250m using OBI. We therefore have a long and consistent track record of solid returns across all client portfolios with reduced volatility in times of significant market turmoil.  We are growing strongly and as at November 2015 we have more than 20 IFAs using our service and manage over £50m on behalf of these firms.

Managing risk within any investment portfolio is critical, as is a focus on what the client wants to be delivered and combining the two to deliver risk adjusted consistent returns in all market conditions. Based on our modern concept of OBI, we know that it is possible to construct investment portfolios and cyclically adjust them by blending different investments through an economic cycle to reduce risk and maximise returns.

For further information please click on the brochure link below or ring us directly on 01604 621467 to speak with one of our Intermediary team.