Trustee Services

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At OCM we recognise that Trustees have a set of serious legal responsibilities, one of which is how they select and work with Investment Managers. Our Independent Investment Management service for Trustees not only supports the organisation and the legal responsibilities of the entity, but also works with you to define and deliver your financial obligations.

We have two levels of service as defined below:-

A Bespoke Portfolio Service

We design portfolios that are appropriate for each organisations outcome and capacity for loss having fully understood and developed the short, medium and long term financial strategy.

Each organisation will have its own portfolio, with assets held separately from each other and we will where appropriate use assets from the whole of the investment universe on institutional terms with Pershing (BNY Mellon) as the custodian.

As we are Independent and constrained only by the mandate we have, with the organisation or legal entity we will cyclically adjust the portfolio as we transition through an economic cycle and will at the extremes invest in the assets that will provide the outcome with the least amount of volatility, even if that means holding cash or 100% government debt.

At all times our focus is to deliver your outcome as the primary objective and then outperforming benchmarks to capture as much of the upside as possible, whilst protecting the downside.

A Consultancy Service

We recognise that some clients want to secure our services to work with the Trustees as an external consultant to provide technical training to help you write the organisations investment policy statement and provide training to Trustees on our Outcome Based Investing strategy.

We may also be appointed to work with the Trustees to advise on asset allocation and strategic positioning of the portfolios if the assets are held externally and it is some years before the mandate can be reviewed.