What we bring to you

We consider our relationship important and work with regional partners to deliver a dynamic single solution for our clients. From a referral strategy point of view, we will look to deliver opportunities across the following planning areas for our partners with all our clients:-

What we bring to you:

  1. Private clients needing a Will review and LPA execution
  2. Spousal Bypass Trusts to be executed
  3. Family Trusts to be set up to accept death payments from life policies
  4. Clients who are buying / selling houses
  5. Clients who are getting divorced
  6. Reviews of Trust documents for financial solutions we use
  7. Share restructuring work for corporate clients
  8. Acquisition and deposals deals for corporates
  9. Share ownership schemes for employers
  10. Shareholder agreements and Shareholder protection work
  11. Probate work on death of a client
  12. Any issue that requires a legal input
  13. Clients who want professional trustee services

The list is endless noting the key with any client relationship, as we have an on-going relationship with them, is to ensure that we identify further issues and where applicable bring in the relevant and experienced professional partner.

On that basis the relationship is mutually beneficial and one that creates long term commitment, trust and understanding as to how our combined professional services create a strong dynamic union that our clients benefit from.

If you would like to have a meeting to discuss please contact the office on 0845 3381971