Your Trust – Our Duty

Investment Management Service for Charities and Trusts

At OCM Wealth Management (OCM) we understand that the two most important aspects of managing any portfolio for either a charity or a trust are:

  1. to deliver the investment outcome that has been agreed at the outset, and
  2. to protect your portfolio in times of market uncertainty

Establishing an agreed outcome

Your desired investment outcome is our primary consideration. Our first discussion will involve looking at your current balance sheet of assets and then reviewing expected inflows and outflows of capital for your charity or trust. We then create a long term strategic chart detailing asset movement year on year based on short, medium and long term projections and devise what the annualised return needs to be, to meet your organisation’s strategic goals. The end result is a needs-based strategy.

We then combine this strategic analysis with a traditional risk profile and capacity for capital loss analysis to understand what level of volatility is acceptable for your organisation. Once complete, we then review your organisation’s strategic objectives and statement of investment principles. These documents are very important as they will define the assets that we can invest into and must be excluded. They also enable us to discuss levels of risk and reward with your trustees.

Establishing a portfolio in line with your charity’s objectives and risk profile

In collaboration with your trustees, we establish a tailor-made investment strategy for your portfolio of assets. One of our dedicated and experienced investment managers assumes responsibility for the day-to-day management of your investments.

Our duty of care

OCM Wealth Management applies the same duty of care to any portfolio, be it a charity, pension or an individual account.