Services for Deputies

OCM has worked tirelessly for over a decade to hone and bring together the skills of a Chartered IFA with that of a Discretionary Asset Manager and Tax Specialist to provide a single dynamic client focused solution, which is perfect for Trustees and Deputies.

Jason Stather-Lodge, the founder and CEO was recently quoted as saying;

“The aim for OCM with any client is to listen, understand what is required, develop a long term cash flow strategy and define what is required in regards to income, capital preservation and the level of risk a client is prepared to take.  Then once the strategy is completed, we can confirm our understanding and agree the solutions needed to deliver the strategy and ensure tax and charges are brought to a minimum.  Once the plan is implemented, the next step is for our Discretionary Asset Management team to deliver the required outcome and manage the risk using our innovative Outcome Based Investment (OBI) strategy”

As a Court of Protection client is essentially a private client from a planning perspective and a trust client in regards to asset management, the first step would be to complete a thorough holistic financial planning review which incorporates a cash flow analysis and tax planning exercise as it is imperative the clients assets can last throughout the expected lifespan and longer. This is natural too us and something e have been doing for over 15 years.

The key though with OCM and dealing with Deputies and Court of Protection (COP) clients is that the asset management strategy adopted is directly linked to the annualised return element of the cash flow plan. We link it because delivering that startegised annualised return is exactly what Outcome Based Investing (OBI) is focused on as well as protecting capital in turbulent times. We are therefore the perfect IFA / Asset Management, dynamic solution for any deputy or Trustee, giving piece of mind that the client for which they act is always the focus of our services.

OCM Wealth Management has advised and managed numerous Deputies in relation to the finances of the individuals.

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