What we would like from you

At OCM Wealth Management we believe that every single client that we have who requires a Will and needs Tax Planning needs the services of a Solicitor and Accountant. On that basis, we work hard to ensure our professional partners get a steady stream of referrals and in return we expect a steady stream coming the other way, of clients who need and deserve our professional service.

OCM has experience in accepting referrals for clients who are:-

  1. Trustees of both Charities and Trusts in developing long term strategies and operating as the Asset Manager
  2. Deputies – developing a long term financial plan for the individuals they are working for
  3. Private clients, requiring an all encompassing holistic review
  4. Getting divorced and in need of planning and advice
  5. Executors and in need of probate services to value assets
  6. Directors looking for Corporate Financial Planning
  7. Private clients looking for financial planning in any of the following individual areas:-
    1. Life Assurance
    2. Income Protection
    3. Pension Planning
    4. Retirement Planning
    5. Divorce Planning
    6. Investment Advice
    7. Stockbroking Services
    8. Estate Planning
    9. Tax Mitigation Execution Planning

All in all, OCM is more than a Chartered IFA; we are Certified as well as Discretionary Asset Managers, and by bringing these services together and working with you in one dynamic solution, our clients benefit. We are one of the leading IFA and Asset Management organisations in the UK.

If you would like to have a meeting to discuss please contact the office on 0845 3381971