Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, their has been a revolution in recent years that has made the whole concept of “flexibility in retirement” available to all irrespective your retirement pot. The key principle though has not changed and that is, to ensure that when you are working you balance living for today with planning and saving for tomorrow. By having a plan and understanding your goals it makes life so much simpler, which is why it is fundamentally important to have a full financial planning review completed.
As this is a very complex area we have created a number of guides and brochures that relate to building a retirement portfolio, different types of pensions and options when you retire. Please refer to the Literature for further details and for further guides if not detailed on the right. Our advisers though are experienced in giving advice in the following areas:-

  1. Setting up personal pensions;
  2. Setting up corporate pension schemes;
  3. Setting up and managing self invested personal pensions (SIPP) and Small Self Administered Pension schemes (SSAS);
  4. Transferring assets to SIPP’s from Defined Benefit Pension schemes;
  5. Providing comprehensive advice as regards to options at retirement relating to any pension scheme;
  6. Managing pension scheme assets.


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