Financial Planning

The Aim of Financial Planning

Over the years we have listened to what it is our clients want from a holistic review and the answer is always simple, “Clarity”. Clarity though is different for many as all our clients have unique circumstances that will define the questions that they want answering.

Primarily, we are experts in helping clients understand what they want and then by working in partnership with them show them how to achieve their dreams.

Our team of highly qualified Chartered and Certified Financial Planners are probably most notable for their ability to listen initially and by using that skill and combining it with their analytical skills are adept at creating a clear answer to the following problems:-

  1. Can I afford to retire, if so when?
  2. What happens if I die or become unable to work due to illness?
  3. Can I afford to help my children buy a house?
  4. What annualised return do I need on my invested assets to achieve my life goals?
  5. Can I reduce my income tax bill by planning more effectively?
  6. I am, looking to retire, what are my options?
  7. Should I join my company pension scheme or set up my own?
  8. Can I afford to go self-employed or run my own business?
  9. Can I put money into a trust and still get an income for the rest of my life?
  10. How should I structure my wills effectively?
  11. How much do I need to save annually to retire at age 65?
  12. Should I pay my mortgage off?
  13. What happens to me if my partner dies?

The aim of financial planning therefore for you, irrespective of the complexity is to provide a simple answer to complex questions, to define and deliver your Outcomes and work with you to redefine and answer the questions as you get older.

“By Listening – We Understand”

For further details on how we conduct a full strategic financial planning review please read our brochure to the right.