Tax & Estate Planning

A key feature of a carefully arranged financial plan for a Private Client or Trust is its tax efficiency.  That is not to say that saving tax is necessarily the most important consideration when advising you, but maximising tax efficiency should be high on your list.

Broadly, OCM recommendations, once all strategies have been implemented, will highlight opportunities to:-

  1. Annually use your tax efficient allowances
  2. Mitigate income tax – if possible
  3. Ensure your annual capital gains tax allowance is utilised
  4. Use investment structures that allow you to mitigate or defer charges to taxes
  5. Mitigate Inheritance Tax by using annual allowances and trust structures where appropriate

Our team of Chartered and Certified Financial Planners as well as our network of leading legal and tax advisers can advise you on all and any aspect of your taxation and estate planning as required.

Implementing a tax and estate planning strategy is likely to involve revising Wills, and may utilise trusts if appropriate. There are also a number of tax products and tax efficient investments used to mitigate Inheritance Tax and all options will be considered and continually reviewed as is deemed appropriate. We believe that our clients’ interests are best served by the complementary expertise of both a lawyer and tax expert.

For further information in each area to garner a greater understanding of our experiences in these areas, please review the two guides detailed to the right.