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At OCM we always recognise that Trustees have a set of serious legal responsibilities, one of which is how they select and work with Investment Managers. Our Independent Investment Management service for Trustees not only supports the organisation and the legal responsibilities of the entity, but also works with you to define and deliver your financial obligations.

The service that we provide our clients will be tailored to your specific requirements having listened to your needs. Directionally we normally operate as a Trustees Independent Wealth Manager which includes acting as the IFA and the Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM), building a long term financial and taxation strategy and then managing the Investments on a fund of fund basis.

This means we work with you to develop a portfolio of financial solutions as well as the investment mandate and then build a portfolio of assets from the investment universe. We then sit between you and the investment universe and adjust the portfolio to ensure that risk is managed and outcome delivered. At all times on an independent basis, focussed on delivering your mandate, not being constrained by the inflexible mandate of the underlying fund managers.

Single Custodian and Aggregated Technology

By having a single custodian and aggregated technology, this gives us access to multiple currencies and unfettered access to the global investment universe where we are able to see all the underlying assets in one place for all clients, irrespective of the amount of individual financial solutions the team recommend you put in place.

The portfolios are all segregated per client and by a high level structure, but are all visible in one place and we can therefore be extremely nimble in relation to rebalancing, and can rebalance all clients at the same time ensuring all clients irrespective of the size of the underlying portfolio are treated the same.

We do though with some clients operate as a standalone DFM as they already have an active IFA and are happy with the advice being given.

Irrespective of the level of service you need OCM has a team of dedicated professionals that are experienced in managing assets for clients and developing strategies.