Tax & Estate Planning

Reduce our exposure to IHT?

We needed guidance concerning how to manage the wealth we had accumulated over a lifetime of hard work and saving so as to make sure as much as possible passes to our children free of Inheritance Tax.

We had a number of investment properties which we acquired many years ago and, although these had satisfyingly grown in value, we now appreciated their presence in our wealth portfolio was exacerbating the IHT problem we wanted to resolve.  We discussed the issues with our OCM adviser and he agreed that selling the properties did not seem like a good option given the significant amount of Capital Gains Tax we would then be faced with having to pay.

OCM helped us develop a plan and select the most appropriate way of dealing with our IHT problem which in our case was to establish a life policy under trust with the sum assured set at an amount sufficient to cover the entire current liability to tax.  We used OCM’s Outcome Based Investment service to help manage our investments to aim to deliver the investment performance required to support our lifestyle needs in retirement and the policy premiums with least risk to the capital.

The service we receive from OCM incorporates an annual review of our situation at which our financial plan is reviewed and adjusted.  In between times, we receive brief weekly investment bulletins by email which we enjoy reading and keep us in the loop with our investments.