Retirement Planning

Building a Retirement fund

OCM were able to carve a clear path for Chris and Jane who both had several pension plans and various investment pots with mounds of paperwork accumulated in their study room over the years.

Both with successful careers in their own fields, before they knew it they had reached their mid 40’s not knowing whether they would ever be able to retire.

OCM’s Chartered Financial Planner was able to evaluate and discuss their specific needs and then create a picture of their future. In fact, the couple were indeed on course for financial independence as intended by their 60th birthdays, and OCM were able to project the couple’s finances in a digestible manner and help them understand their journey through to retirement.

The passage to financial harmony involved creating a financial plan which structured Chris and Janes’ investments (pensions and otherwise) into a single cohesive strategy providing clarity and peace of mind.

Regular review meetings were accompanied by Cashflow projections where the performance of investments were discussed along with any advice regarding unexpected life events (such as inheritances).

OCM were able to provide guidance on maximising tax efficient ISA and pension savings using their employer sponsored benefits where possible in order to create and safeguard their retirement nest eggs. They are now enjoying their modest retirement lifestyles in the company of each other and their growing childrens’ families.