Investment Plans

Health Crisis

A son of prospective client, Victor, advised me that his father had suffered a stroke.  Unfortunately, this confirmed a history of similar strokes leading to a belief that this latest event constituted a health crisis with significant potential for harmful financial consequences.

We considered the most pressing matters first: had a legal will reflecting Victor’s current gifting intentions been made and had an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney been executed?  Emergency execution of the latter was arranged confirming the son as attorney.

Unfortunately, Victor’s health continued to deteriorate and so we next looked at the question of financing long term care – could this been done in a manner which secured an inheritance for Victor’s son?

We considered a number of long-term care financial strategies and settled upon one which provided guaranteed finance for Victor’s care whilst protecting, to the maximum possible extent, the inheritance prospects for his son.  All relevant parties were closely involved in the advice process which was biased in favour of the financial needs of Victor at the expense of all other considerations.

Helpfully, an external charity provided some degree of financial underpinning to the care needs of Victor which made it possible to accept an investment solution to meet the overall need.

An Outcome Based Investment strategy was then developed to secure the most beneficial outcome in terms of extending the period of self-financed long term care whilst providing potential for a residue of capital to be passed as an inheritance to the son of Victor.