Investment Plans

Can I retire now?

Having spent a working lifetime committed to living within my means and saving at a rate I hoped would be sufficient to provide me with enough income in retirement.  Unexpectedly, an inheritance I previously anticipated now appeared unlikely.  Can I retire comfortably now or should I continue working for another five years?

Not only did I need to know whether I would have enough income to fund my lifestyle if I retired now, I was conscious of the fact that my savings and investment strategy was somewhat disjointed and complicated by the fact that I had a large number of individual investment contracts with different product providers without any coherent investment strategy or plan.

When I first met with my Chartered Financial Planner at OCM, his first concern was to take time to understand the twists and turns of my entire financial life up-to-date as well as a complete understanding of my current financial situation.

OCM analysed my situation and presented a financial plan to me in an uncomplicated form which helped me to see and understand how an investment consolidation exercise could save a significant amount of needless taxation and more securely meet my needs in retirement.  The financial plan which OCM helped me develop showed me that I would be able to retire comfortably now with an income at least equal to my current net expenditure and provide for increases in line with inflation.

I particularly liked OCM’s approach to investments which is simple to understand and targets an annual performance outcome slightly in excess of the amount I know I need to sustain my lifestyle in retirement over the long term.

Only after meeting with OCM did I understand that it is now possible to obtain financial planning and investment services from a single point of advice without doubling up on costs.