David Cameron sets out UK-wide changes ‘to build better future’

In a statement outside Downing Street this morning, David Cameron has said it is time for “our United Kingdom to come together and to move forward”, after Scotland voted against independence.

He went on to say there had to be a “fair and balanced” settlement with English MPs deciding on laws applying to England.

He said Lord Smith of Kelvin had agreed to oversee the process of devolving more powers over tax, spending and welfare to Scotland, with draft legislation by the end of January.

Mr Cameron added that the rights of other people in the UK needed to be respected and enhanced – and a new and fair settlement had to apply to all parts of the UK. He said he had long believed that a crucial missing part was England. He said “the millions of voices of England must be heard”.

The Leader of the Commons William Hague has been asked to draw up plans for what would be a fundamental change at Westminster – if only English MPs could vote on English matters.