Not tonight, Darling

Scottish nationalist leader, Alex Salmond regained momentum in his push to win independence from the U.K. after viewers judged him the clear winner against ‘No’ campaign leader Alistair Darling. A snap poll of 505 people by ICM Research for the Guardian newspaper, found 71% said Salmond won last night’s debate in Glasgow, while 29% favored Darling, the former U.K. chancellor of the exchequer. That represented a rebound from the first televised debate on 5th August, when Darling was judged to have won by 56% to 44%.

“Salmond Strikes Back,” said the front page headline in the Glasgow-based Herald newspaper today. “Not tonight, Darling,” said the Scottish Sun. With postal balloting for the 18th September referendum beginning today, the clash may buoy the ‘Yes’ side on the doorsteps as campaigning heads into the final three weeks. While Darling’s Better Together leads the polls, enough people remain undecided to potentially tip the balance in favor of independence and trigger negotiations to break up the U.K. after 307 years.