My Experience at OCM by Charlotte Lodge

My name is Charlotte Lodge and I am in year 10 at Northampton High School. I came to OCM for 3 days as part of my school’s work experience scheme and I arranged OCM as a self-placement. I was working through roughly the same programme of work as the other student, Saim, who was also doing work experience at OCM. We both knew that we would like to work in finance but wanted to use this week to get a better understanding of the jobs that the financial industry offers.

I already had a vague idea of what my working day would be like as I have often spent time at the office prior to this week; unlike Saim, who I fear was expecting something much more like the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ ambience than he was presented with! However, and much to my delight, my former inclinations (concerning making tea and photocopying sheets for people) couldn’t have been further off and I really felt that I was a valued asset during my time at OCM.

On the first day we talked through safety procedures, were given a tour of the office and then introduced to the team. We then sat down with OCM’s Multi-Asset Strategist, Pritpal Lotay. He concisely went through key terms and gave us a basic idea of what his job involves on a day-to-day basis. Next we watched and made notes on a web conference regarding the current climate of the markets, and although a great deal did go over our heads, the parts we understood we both found interesting. After that we shadowed a meeting between Pritpal and a representative from an investment management group which gave us an idea of OCM’s Business to Business relationships.

Throughout the following two days I was introduced to multiple research platforms, wrote a news article on UK interest rates and discussed many stimulating topics such as tactical pricing, asset classes, equity and bond markets; just to name a few. I worked with all members of the asset management team during my time at OCM and carefully studied and followed what each job title consists of.

Despite the majority of ideas introduced to me being initially overwhelming and perplexing, I soon grasped a detailed understanding of multiple aspects of the financial world. I don’t doubt this will give me a tactical advantage in the near future, especially when competing for those esteemed and valued places on courses in university and Sixth-form. I am therefore very appreciative of the opportunities I have been given these past few days.