Toyota to recall 6.4 million vehicles

Toyota is recalling 6.4 million vehicles globally, including 35,124 in the UK, over five different issues.

The Toyota Camry is among the models affected.

Reports state that some 3.5 million vehicles are to be recalled to replace a spiral cable attached to the driver’s side airbag.

Other issues include problems with seat rails, windscreen wipers, steering columns and a glitch with engine starters that pose fire risks.

Toyota has said that it was unaware of any vehicle crashes, injuries or fatalities caused by these issues.

The carmaker said that “due to inefficiencies in the design of the starter motor relays, metallic particles might accumulate on the contacts within the relay”.

Recalls are not uncommon in the industry. General Motors is also in the middle of recalling millions of vehicles.

There are concerns that Toyota’s current troubles may hurt its efforts to rebuild its reputation, which was damaged by the 2010 recall fiasco.