Flood Victims to Receive Financial Support

Banks, councils and the UK tax authority have all offered to waive or delay some bills for flood-hit households.

Flood victims are being urged to seek financial help, with many being left homeless and thousands battling to keep waters at bay.

Some of the worst-hit homes have been in Somerset, and the county council has said that council tax could be waived for a time when people have been forced out of their homes.

Banks and building societies have also said they would consider waiving overdraft fees for those who face a sudden rise in expenses or drop in income, primarily for small-businesses or the self-employed.

Homeowners facing a financial squeeze as a result of the flooding could apply for a payment holiday from their mortgage, ensuring their credit rating is not affected.

Despite the flexibility, some banks and insurance companies have been criticised for using 0845 numbers for helplines.

Energy companies have also said they will offer support to those facing financial difficulty as a result of the weather, with Energy UK saying “customers need to get in touch with their supplier as soon as possible if they are concerned.”