Lib Dems ‘would stop cut in 45p tax rate’

According to a senior Lib Dem minister, any cuts to the top rate of income tax before next year’s general election will only happen “over my dead body”.

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary has said that the 45p rate was the “right place to be” and suggested that he would veto any Conservative proposal to cut it to 40p.

Although a cut has not been put forward, it is called for by some senior Tories, including the mayor of London Boris Johnson.

The mayor did not wish Mr Alexander ill but said that a tax could still happen.

Mr Johnson spoke to BBC Radio 4 this morning and said “the last thing I want to see is pointless sacrifice from the Liberal Democrats, let alone the dead body of Danny Alexander”.

“Sooner or later there will have to be a new Conservative manifesto and I can’t believe we are going to go into an election on a manifesto to keep our tax rates higher than our competitor countries”.