23/01/14 Market Movements

The FTSE 100 suffered its biggest drop in 6 weeks as disappointing U.S. economic data and weak updates from Easyjet and Pearson took its toll.  The FTSE 100 closed down 53 points at 6,773.28.

Data released from the US showed manufacturing growth slowed in January for the first time in three months. This news came as a further blow to the world’s largest economy following discouraging earnings reports from companies such as McDonald’s.

Pearsons  and Easyjet topped the top FTSE 100 fallers today down 8.24% and 4.07% respectively.  Pearson suffered its biggest fall in 12 years after announcing big restructuring charges, whilst Easyjet indicated that they expect their first half seasonal losses to be higher this year than last year as easter falls in the second half of their fiscal year.

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