Charity Times Investment Conference

Jason Stather-Lodge -Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at OCM Wealth Management will be presenting at the Charity Times Investment Conference on 10th October.

The Topic Synopsis of Jason’s presentation will be on Outcome Based Investing – Strong Conviction and Stable Returns.

Challenging traditional assumptions of intelligent investment strategy, Jason Stather-Lodge will demonstrate the results achievable using Outcome Based Investing (OBI), an approach that seeks to match strategised annualised return requirements with an asset allocation designed to deliver that outcome, with low levels of volatility. If risk is off and assets are looking opportunistic, we seek to heavily invest in a diverse range of assets. Conversely, if risk is increasing and we want to protect values, then we opt to be in cash or assets not correlated to the risky assets.We can then reallocate to risk-based assets when markets fall or economic conditions improve. Being independent, OCM Wealth Management can use assets from the entire global investment universe being constrained only by our clients’mandate, not that of the fund in which we have invested assets.  Our proposition: your trust – our duty.