OCM Wealth Management

Chartered and Certified Financial Planners in Northampton to deal with UHNW clients and promote / deliver the OCM proposition. Ideally have at least 5 years experience of dealing with UHNW individuals and all aspects investments and high level tax planning, an existing client bank and the role is employed. Full administration support provided from office in Northampton. Acquisitions – OCM Wealth Management is always on the look out for potential acquisitions in the following areas:-

  1. IFA Client banks – Generally from IFA’s looking to retire
  2. Stockbrokers – Looking to buy and integrate existing stockbroking practices into OCM in any of the areas where we currently have offices.
  3. Firms – We are also looking for acquisition opportunities for IFA firms that are looking to progressively leave the industry or become part of something bigger.

Partnerships – OCM Wealth Management is always on the look out for potential partners in the following areas:-

  1. Solicitors & Accountants – On a referral programme of Joint venture
  2. IFA Firms – To act as the DFM
  3. IFA Firms – To provide a connected platform solution

New Opportunities

  1. Graduate Trainee Opportunity

For information on current vacancies, and opportunities please email