OCM Wealth Management Sports Division

The Sports Division is where we take Wealth Management to a whole level for professional sports men and women and was born out of a requirement to deliver more. We have found through experience that holistic services to these group of people will also include all of our existing services to plan the balance between living for today and saving for tomorrow and minimising the taxation drag, but also bring in new services to include.

  • Basic resettlement planning for people coming to UK from abroad;
  • Contract negotiations with 3rd parties;
  • Commercial advice regarding taxation planning and image rights;
  • Transition planning to ensure the individual is ready to transition both financially and professionally from a professional sportsperson to a normal life outside of sport at an early age;
  • Mental health and life coaching from a team of people experienced in understanding the issues around being a professional sportsperson.

OCM Wealth Management Sport Division

It is also important to recognise that most of the team delivering these services are either ex-military, ex sports people or in some instances still active sporting professionals who have been handpicked as they understand all the issues and complexities of living and working in a world that would be alien to many. We advise through our own understanding of what needs to be done to help people avoid mistakes that we have all made and that natural empathy, makes it easier to advise you.

To understand more please click on the link below and ask to speak to Jason Stather-Lodge (CEO and Founder) or Alex Woolford (Professional Rugby Player) who are responsible for the development of this new division inside OCM.

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