Sister Mary Peter

“We have been advised by Jason Stather-Lodge for over five years now and have benefited from his unique holistic and strategic approach to Wealth Management. The regular reviews allow us to understand the level of risk we are taking at all times in the portfolio and make adjustments in line with our requirements and the movements within the portfolio in conjunction with our strategic plan.”

Sister Mary Antonietta

“We are indebted to Jason and OCM for their combined friendship and availability, their valuable advice and the manner in which they have ‘grown’ our assets, making the impossible, possible in a genuinely personal and professional way, having met and exceeded all our expectations. If you are searching for a firm that is authentic to look after your Charities finances and has a wise and holistic approach; sees you as an individual, coupled with expertise and experience that communicates with you in your language, while having an astute insight into the ebb and flow of the markets, then OCM is the firm for you!”